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Gate Guard Security and Remote Camera Monitoring

One of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your security budget for any gated community, residential complex or business establishment is by employing a virtual gate guard service. Around-the-clock security guard payroll is often the most expensive, day-to-day expense any HOA or community must face. Traditional onsite guards often experience fatigue from their work, which leaves them unprepared to protect the community when they aren’t patrolling it. Get details on Gate Guard Security and Remote Camera Monitoring here.

The best way to combat this problem is with a hybrid solution that balances a traditional security guard with an Envera virtual gate guard. By combining the presence of physical guards with virtual guards, you can decrease the cost of security, increase reliability, and improve the overall effectiveness of your guarded gatehouse.
Virtual Gate Guard Sercuity

A typical virtual gate guard combines both audio and video technology to assess every visitor to your desired entrances and exits. Any vehicle, pedestrian or other person that attempts to gain entry to a restricted area will be greeted by a security kiosk equipped with two-way audio communications and high def surveillance cameras. A licensed professional guard will then verify the identity of each guest or visitor before granting access.

These screening methods are extremely effective at preventing trespassing and crime. The system will record and store every license plate, facial image, and other information so that you can review it at any time.

This type of security method is widely used by state, government, and military institutions, and has a proven track record for reducing unwanted visitors. It is also a great tool for assisting law enforcement to identify potential suspects before they happen.

Using the latest access control and surveillance technologies, our virtual gate guard solutions are highly effective at controlling traffic in your property. They are ideal for many different situations, including auto dealerships, catering halls, condominiums, equestrian facilities, garages, and gated communities.
Remote Camera Monitoring . Get the best gate guards at

Live video is recorded on all entry and exit doors, ensuring that if a suspicious or criminal act occurs, you will be able to see it immediately. This is an essential step in preventing trespassing, identifying criminals, and ensuring that you don’t lose valuable assets.

Combining these systems with thermal security cameras and perimeter security solutions is a powerful tool to stop anyone unauthorized from entering the premises. The footage is then sent to CCTV Agents headquarters so our security professionals can take a proactive approach to protecting your assets, personnel, and equipment.

The benefits of this method are numerous and include increased accountability, decreased liability, and the ability to react quickly to any potential threats or incidents that may occur on your property. This means you can focus on your day-to-day operations and not spend your precious resources on responding to any unforeseen issues.
What Is a Virtual Gate Guard?

A virtual gate guard is a professional security guard who is stationed at the entrance of an enclosed area, such as a corporate building, warehouse or gated community. During their shifts, they verify incoming and outgoing personnel, check-in or check-out vehicles, monitor visitors for safety and compliance with community regulations and policies, maintain a log of all incoming and outgoing people, and perform other duties related to security. This link:, will open up your minds even more on this topic.

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